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Goddesses of the Far East


Goddesses of the Far East Oracle Deck (with book) – Coming Soon

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Goddesses of the Far East Introduction
Female energy, like the universe, is cyclical, moving through alternating periods of rest and motion with each cycle restoring order. Female energy is the essence of creation.
Garab Dorje (an early yogini and tantric adept who apparently lived in the century when BCE turned into CE) went so far as to say that “the body of light or rainbow body would be women”.

This deck will help you discover the wisdom of these powerful feminine figures through their energies while connecting with their messages for you.
The goddesses of the Far East can be confusing, with different spellings of their names, different names according to locations and ethnic groups, as well as their energies having been altered through time. Some energies and names show up as both male and female. Many share similar energies but still retain their unique strengths to share. You will also recognize individual counterparts in other culture.

In this deck, I have focused on the goddesses’ unique energies as they apply to the feminine strengths of today. Although some are from ancient times, their messages and gifts are relevant to contemporary women today.

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The Arabian Lenormand



The Arabian Lenormand is the second deck by Margaret following The Indian Lenormand deck issued earlier this year.  Her canvases are vibrant with both color and energetic images.  The deck will be available in August of 2013.


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The Indian Lenormand


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Welcome to The Indian Lenormand.  The inspiration behind the deck comes from many years of experimenting with color resulting in highly vibrational pieces.  The use of color and composition creates a visual impact that gives a piece its own energy.  Having been drawn to many cultures around the world, I chose this particular one for the richness of color used in all parts of Indian life.

The deck is intended to be read traditionally although some of the images vary from other decks.

The Indian Lenormand consists of 37 hand painted canvases.